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Commercialisation & Educational Gaming Consultancy

Educational Game Consultancy

Transforming Research into Engaging Learning Experiences

Unlock the potential of your research by reaching new audiences through the power of gamification. Our Educational Game Consultancy Services are designed to bridge the gap between academic research and interactive learning. We delve deep into your work to uncover the real-world impact it can have, exploring innovative ways to translate this into captivating game-based experiences.

Our approach is collaborative and insightful. We guide you through the development process, from conceptualization to realization, ensuring that the educational content is not just informative but also engaging and accessible to diverse audiences. By gamifying your research, we open up avenues for learning that are interactive, immersive, and fun, making complex concepts easier to understand and retain.

Whether you're aiming to educate, inspire, or drive change, our team is committed to transforming your insights into interactive games that resonate with players of all ages. Let us help you turn your research into a powerful tool for education, reaching beyond traditional methods to captivate and enlighten new audiences.

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Entrepreneurial Education for Academics

Bringing your vision to life

In the heart of the UK's academic community lies a treasure trove of research with the potential to revolutionize industries and enrich lives globally. With the Research Excellence Framework (REF) increasingly recognising the value of commercialisation activities, the journey from academia to innovation has never been more vital. At Education Evolved, we are dedicated to transforming academics into 'Venture Academics'—scholars equipped with the entrepreneurial skills necessary to navigate and succeed in the commercial world.

Our bespoke entrepreneurial education workshops are designed to provide academics with a comprehensive toolkit for success. Covering a wide range of essential topics, from forging partnerships with industry leaders to crafting compelling business plans, mastering sales and the discovery processes, to conducting thorough market research. We offer a roadmap to commercialisation that is both practical and inspiring.

Beyond the basics, our workshops delve into the strategic aspects of entrepreneurship, empowering academics to translate their groundbreaking research into viable, market-ready innovations. By participating in our sessions, academics will gain invaluable insights into the dynamics of the business world, learning how to leverage their research for maximum impact.

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University Spinout Community Building & Pre-Incubator Services

Catalysing Academic Innovation

Embarking on the commercialisation journey can be a daunting prospect for academics, filled with uncertainties and the question of whether to go solo or seek support. Recognizing this pivotal moment, our University Spinout Community Building and Pre-Incubator Services are designed to empower academics to confidently take the next step. We specialise in fostering a supportive ecosystem for innovation, guiding academics from initial hesitation to decisive action and becoming Venture Academics.

By creating a vibrant cohort of like-minded academics within your institution, we provide a collaborative environment that encourages sharing, learning, and growth. Our comprehensive suite of services includes targeted workshops, personalized 1:1 meetings, and continuous support, all tailored to navigate the complexities of turning research into viable commercial ventures.

Our goal is to help your higher education institution unlock the full potential of your researchers, transforming their groundbreaking ideas into impactful real-world solutions. Through our community-building efforts and accelerator program, we not only accelerate the commercialisation process but also help establish a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship that resonates throughout the academic community.

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