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We Make Education Accessible Through Educational Experiences To Empower People To Make The World Around Them A Better Place

How We Formed

We began our mission in 2021 seeking to support institutions in the United States and the United Kingdom bring the world online during the Covid-19 pandemic through virtual study abroad programmes. We then understood that we could bring our, high quality, engaging educational experiences to anyone who wanted to learn. Now, we create all kinds of educational experiences, from VR, consulting, app development, and research-focused and educational video game development.

We have a vision of providing students and lifelong learners an education that leaves a lasting impact on the world and help them reach their goals. Through our programs we partner with institutions and individuals, bringing the world to their classrooms, offices, and homes. Our content is accessible across a multitude of devices to create a truly unique and self paced learning experience.

Twilight view of the Clyde Arc also known as the Squinty Bridge over the River Clyde in Glasgow with the city lights reflecting on the water and a historic crane on the left against a dusk sky

Our Experiences

With our experiences from being students, teaching assistants, doctoral candidates, adjuncts, tenured professors and university administrators we have created a platform and programmes which can benefit anyone who is interested in furthering their education, and help universities equip their students with the tools they need to prepare for their future.

Our experience enables us to connect with the educators and researchers who use our services in their world, we strive to become the non-expert experts, allowing us to meet their specific needs. To our lifelong learners, our experiences from teaching at top 100 ranked universities in the world enables us to deliver our educational content, packed with easy to understand and engaging materials, All of this paired with a knowledgeable, and experienced development team allows us to deliver educational experiences that transform the learning experience.

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Our Commitment To Our Community And Environment

While education is our passion and one we hope to share with the world, we also know the importance of being a sustainable partner.

We strive to protect and better the community we work in and those around the world. To this end, Education Evolved seeks to limit all waste by digitising all of our services and internal processes. We also have established a leave no trace policy at all filming locations, ensuring that we leave the historical monuments, public sites, and green spaces as good, if not better, than we found them.

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